In 2018, Dilley Studio was founded to break convention. Spearheaded by Creative Director, Marcus Dilley, we are a specialist Sports Apparel and Graphic Design studio that strives to improve sports design, every day.
For a long time, sporting apparel and graphic design processes have been the status quo; they are repeated year on year for convenience only. We at Dilley Studio, create opportunities for our clients to give consumers something they yearn for: authentic, honest products and an identity that reflects their values.


We are always looking for pioneering brands, teams, leagues and sporting institutions to join us in revolutionising the industry.



Apparel Design

We design everything from single products all the way to the full, cohesive ranges of performance wear and leisurewear products. We are also able to assist with trim suppliers and factory contacts. Email now to see if we can help you elevate your apparel ranges...



Our pioneering kit consultancy enables teams to maximise the relationship with their licensed supplier. The consultancy Includes idea and brief creation, as well as support in sample meetings and authentic storytelling and is designed to benefit both the team, and the brand. Want more from your kit deal? drop us an email to see how we can help...



We pride ourself in creating identities that resonate with consumers. Whether it be a full team brand or apparel sign-off we only use authentic references that people care about. No marketing BS needed. Reach out and see how we can help...



The creation of bespoke brand fonts elevate the perception for any brand or team; making it instantly recognisable, without the need to use official marks. We design fully bespoke fonts based any need. Get in touch to see if a bespoke font can elevate your brand...


For a quote on one of our services or to ask if Dilley Studio can help you break convention, contact us...