LAFC Home 2018


A unique opportunity was given to the Dilley Studio founder, Marcus Dilley, during his time as part of the adidas design team: to create the inaugural kits for new MLS team LAFC. Designing for a new team presents a different set of challenges, ones that force you to look at things a little differently as a designer.

For the team’s first ever home kit, we wanted a look that expressed the clubs brand wholeheartedly. With this in mind, the decision was made to have all aspects of the kit in either black or gold (except for the team’s MLS badge which cannot be changed) with the gold elements being reserved for trim applications rather than fabric, wherever possible. This decision was made to preserve the look and feel of a metallic gold and add to the value of the overall look. The graphic created was a perfect harmony of adidas history, the 1988 Netherlands classic, along with art deco line art which were merged to create a bespoke engineered fabric.


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