St Albans Half Marathon 2019


The brief received from the organisers of the St Albans Half Marathon was to take visual keys from retro sportswear whilst adapting it to the city of St Albans and its Roman heritage.

Starting the process on the tee, the first, and most important task, was to create a way in which this finishers tee could stand out from any in the current running landscape. Following some initial research it was found that the sleeve area was often left blank with a front and back print becoming the standard. This was perfect for our brief; by incorporating some kind of sleeve design, not only could we differentiate ourself, but it would give us the perfect canvas to explore the main narrative around the design. It was clear that some kind of repeat graphic that ran down the outer side of the sleeve was the best way that we could accomplish the retro aesthetic as well as incorporating a roman influence. Rather than just using the well known Roman border, we thought it would be better that we adapt this to utilise the St Albans cross as its repeat. Taking into account the current active wear trends, the decision was made to use a dark base and bright pop colour alongside oversized typography elements. Rather than the traditional royal blue of St Albans, we decided that using a darker navy with a vivid yellow and white would give maximum impact and also increase the wearability of the tee.

This ethos was then translated over to the medal and its ribbon. Using a navy base for all half marathon events and yellow base for the 5k and 1.5 mile events. The medal itself uses the St Albans cross repeat from the sleeve of the tee and uses it as a border. Contained within is the overside typography from the front of the tee alongside a traditional St Albans cross element.